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I'm Mrs. Harry Potter

The HP Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

This didn't have Marcus in it but it did have Oliver.....

I'm Mrs. Remus Lupin

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

I'm a Potter!

The HP Family Quiz
made by Sapphire.

I'm Mr. Luna Lovegood

The HP Female Marriage Quiz

made by Sapphire.

squee! I love Luna! No I don't care that I have to be a man heehee!

I'm Mrs. George Weasley

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.
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I went to the dentist today and my mouth is still numb but it's starting to wear off - it's not even fair cuz I'm obsessive about brushing my teeth (got that from my sister) but I guess it's cause I eat so much sugary stuff so I'm definitely gonna cut down on it! I'm terrified of the dentist as well so the less time I have to spend there the better! Hehe he done this weird thing where he pulled my mouth over to the side and I could just tell it wasn't making my nose look any more attractive and then he's going yeah you're fine aren't you and I'm like NUH UH.....trying to speak with one of those little foam things in my mouth. And now the new Goldfrapp song has just been ruined for me cuz it was playing while I was in there. Anyway at least it's over! Now I'm gonna go comment on everyone's jounrals' cuz I've been such a lazy ass about it.
Oh so I'm thinking I'm gonna be taking a course at college for a year which will get me into my uni course next year. It's really scary though because uni wasn't until october so I've been thinking to myself ah that's ages yet but the college course starts next week so that's terrifying.


Sep. 23rd, 2004 02:49 pm
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I'm ill! So ill! I might actually be dead-surely it's not possible to feel this bad and still be alive?! My head hurts, My ear hurts, My throat hurts and my nose hurts would you believe it!? 'sinus pressure' That's an understatement it feels as though it's gonna pop off and ping around the room hitting people! I wish it would and then it wouldn't be sore anymore! The highlight of my week has been Moon Child arriving-how pathetic and a review I read on said

"On a side note, there is zero homosexual/homoerotic content in this film. I didn't even see much of a subtext. Don't let people that read too much into things ruin this for you."

That wouldn't have ruined it for me! That was half the reason I bought it haha! Though I am actually a ManaxGackt fangirl I was making an exception!

LJ is also being a total pain! I tried to post this last night and it wouldn't let me so I'm writing it all again and I'm also having trouble commenting on other people's journals.....*sighs*

My japanese name is 中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
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What Would Have Worn In The 80s?
Name / Username
On Your Feet.. pink pumps with leg warmers
Your Hair Was.. in a side ponytail(yum!)
Your Hair Styling Must Was.. L.A Looks Hair Gel
Your Favorite Accesory Was.. Jelly Bracelets
Your Favorite Outfit Was.. Neon Green Shirt With Ruffled Skirt With Black Leggings And Yellow Converse
Your Favorite Year Was.. 1985
This fun quiz by burnin_up - Taken 1822 Times.
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What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Supplanting kingdoms, punishing tyrants and levelling the empires of the wicked with the breath of your nostrils
Your throne is fashioned from thorns and human femurs, surrounded by writhing, howling servants, with a footstool of souls on the sizzling shores of the Lake of Fire
You wear The inky cloak of the universe
Your Godly superpower is Unresistable charm and sensuality, drawing lovers, friends and enemies into your orgasmic grasp
This fun quiz by pelagicboreas - Taken 3317 Times.
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Aug. 18th, 2004 10:40 pm
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Urgh! Back to school today! Only good thing was that I was only in for 3 periods then I got to go home! I was supposed to go to a meeting at 3 o' clock but there was no way I was hanging around the whole day when I could go home and sleep! (which I did lol!) I can't believe we're back already! It's so depressing! Everyone's so false and always trying to compete with each other! Ah well at least it's my last year! Can't wait till the weekend! I'm so tired I think I'm gonna go to sleep now *yawns*


Aug. 15th, 2004 09:49 pm
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You married Gackt and.... by JerrySugarAV
Your Name
You got married on:August 11, 2004
The fate of your marriage:You both slip and die in shower when trying to have Matrix like sex.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I dunno I think it might have been worth it haha! He is late though...the 11th!

Oh I know this journal is all quizzes but once I go back to school things might get interesting-or worse...I'm not sure! Anyway I usually put all my useless quizzes in my bolt journal but they're 'updating'...I don't think anyone even reads this anyway! ah well!
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Do you have a chance with Gackt? by raye kam-emerald
Full Name
Favorite Color
How will you meet him?through a fanletter
When will you meet him?March 3, 2008
What will he give you?an engagement ring
What will you give him?your soul
What: 51%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

ah well only 4 more years to go! *starts the countdown* ;-)
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You survive!
You don't die. You survive! (Nanahara #15, Nakagawa
#15) Hooray. Lucky for you two lovebirds, you
survived the game. And you did it through mind
over recklessness (and a little help from
Kawada). Very impressive considering you
started out with the crappiest weapons of
anybody. Nice job.

How would you die in a Battle Royale?
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Your Malice Mizer Date by nandaio
Managets jealous and cuts off your face
Koziargues with you about music
Kamipulls your hair
Yu~kithrows food at you
Klahatells you that you smell like rotten fish
Your surprise party crasher is-Toshi
Your username is
After the date, youbecome a mormon and marry them all
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Aug. 13th, 2004 05:46 pm
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what LOTR actor will you be issued a restraining order from?
by ebonyeyeliner
your name
actorOrlando Bloom
reason for restraining ordercamped outside their house
how far you must stay away from said actoralways 2 cities away
response actor gave to reporters"no she doesnt have my child!"
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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JRock Mana Image by shelayhill
Your Name
Your Age
Your Favorite Color
Your image is
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Aug. 13th, 2004 03:44 pm
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JRock Mana Image by shelayhill
Your Name
Your Age
Your Favorite Color
Your image is
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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What Animagus are You?
Name / Username
Registered: Yes
You can Transform into a: Spider
Your "Pet" name is: Angel
This Quiz by MissMaryPotter - Taken 4424 Times.
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If YOU were in battle royale?
How do you feel?
Whats your technique?
Your Number 39
Your Weapon Pocket Knife
Your Kill Count 27
Your Outcome You are mutilated nastily but somehow survive
This quiz by Gakidou - Taken 7295 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

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your a gackt beautiful and special.... you may
steal songs from stevie wonder but your cool!

which J-Rocker are you?
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The Endless

Aug. 7th, 2004 12:57 pm
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Dream, the third of The Endless, you are in charge of the Dreaming, all imagination and creativity, everyone knows your beautiful realm, but none truly understand it. You are dark and%2
Dream, the third of The Endless, you are in charge
of the Dreaming, all imagination and
creativity, everyone knows your beautiful
realm, but none truly understand it. You are
dark and brooding, creative, and spend a lot of
time by yourself, just thinking. You are almost
as serious as Destiny, but not quite. Everyone
is enchanted by you, but you keep them all at a
distance, even when you shouldn't.

Which Endless are you?
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