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I went to see Harry Potter tonight or rather yesterday since it's now after 1am. Anywho random thoughts on it:

- I want my very own Luna. She's completely adorable and am I alone in thinking that she's perfect for Harry?
- I heart Alan Rickman so much
-The girl who played Lavender was really good and I loved how the broke up the overall dark angsty feel of it with some really funny bits.
-The guy playing Fenrir was suitably creepy.
- Bellatrix is hawt.
- I didn't like Slughorn in the book but I thought they made the character really good in this. ALTHOUGH my sister said to me that there was hints that he was a bit inappropriate with the students. You know the bit where Dumbledore is all, "He'll try to collect you". And Harry's all, "Do you want me to let him collect me?". It was a bit pervy when I think on it and he was giving them booze...
-Tom Felton was really great, I think you really feel sorry for Draco.
-Loved when Harry had taken the bottled luck - Daniel Radcliffe is clearly made for comedy acting.
- The bit where Katie is cursed- I found that totally creepy and really dark. 
- The guy playing Cormac was so good. Really funny/sleazy and totally hot. 
- 'But I am the chosen one'. 

Bits I didn't like:
- Not enough Neville
- Quidditch matches just aren't the same without Flint/Wood slashy goodness and sexual tension.
- The girl who plays Ginny can't act. What was with that weird shoe tying bit?
 - I didn't think the Inferi were that scary. (Ooh I'm rhyming!) They looked like weird Gollum things.
- I don't understand why they didn't have the same actor playing Tom Riddle. I think the new guy was probably a bit better because he was so creepy but at the same time I like continuity!
- Not enough action. I mean nothing really happens but I suppose that's true to the book. I just think it was a bit of an anti climax because the death eaters all just saunter out of Hogwarts.
- I think there was too much of the cabinet. If you haven't read the book wouldn't you just be sitting there wondering what the fuck was so special about this bloody cabinet?!
- I didn't think it really showed how gutted Harry was about Sirius. I mean he seemed annoyed but then he goes to Hogwarts and gets over it. I dunno. 

I'm probably missing out stuff but you get the general idea. I liked it overall when I thought I wasn't going to because I didn't really love the book but I do think there wasn't enough action! What did everyone else think?
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